Pamela Anderson is now over the age of 55 and here is what she looks like now…

Pamela Anderson, renowned for her iconic role in “Baywatch,” recently caught the attention of paparazzi as she was spotted at a cafĂ© with her new husband, Dan Hayhurst.

Despite being 56 years old, Anderson’s allure is evident, showcased in her recent marriage to Hayhurst, who is 13 years her junior.

Initially keeping her husband out of the public eye after their wedding, Anderson and Hayhurst were recently photographed together while taking a casual stroll, possibly on their way to grab coffee.

Interestingly, Anderson opted for a laid-back appearance, wearing minimal makeup and a casual outfit that made her almost unrecognizable to fans.

Observers noted visible signs of aging, including wrinkles, a second chin, and a noticeable midsection, which she attempted to conceal with a thin T-shirt.

Given these observations, it could be beneficial for Anderson to incorporate physical exercise into her routine.

Just a few years ago, she proudly flaunted her stunning figure and even claimed that she could still fit into the iconic red swimsuit from her “Baywatch” days.

However, recent photos suggest that her current physique might not be as compatible with the swimsuit.

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