This child with the facial birthmark has undergone her last surgery and check out what she looks like now…

The mother of a young American girl, Luna, who bears a distinct facial birthmark known as a melanocytic nevus, recently disclosed that her daughter has undergone a recent surgical procedure.

Despite the birthmark not causing pain, there is a potential risk of it developing into a cancerous condition under specific circumstances.

The birthmark, which covered nearly the entirety of Luna’s face, prompted doctors in Boston to recommend a treatment plan requiring at least four years of care, including more than 100 laser therapy sessions.

Pavel Popov, a surgeon from Krasnodar, took the initiative to assist in the removal of Luna’s birthmark.

In September 2019, Carol Fenner and Luna made their initial trip to Krasnodar, followed by a subsequent visit in September 2020. During this latter visit, Luna underwent the removal of the birthmark on her left cheek.

Due to visa-related issues, Carol Fenner announced their return to the United States on June 7, 2021.

There were speculations about their return to Kuban on October 1, and subsequently, on October 9, Carol Fenner shared on Instagram that Luna had successfully undergone her final surgical procedure.

The mother conveyed that Luna is currently in good health, exhibiting a lively spirit, with no complaints of pain and maintaining a healthy appetite.

Luna wears a bandage over her face post-surgery, affecting her vision, and her mother clarified that this recent procedure marks the conclusion of the surgical interventions.

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