This Australian woman recently gave birth to one of the world’s largest babies weighing 6 kg…

This infant is Lucas, one of the largest babies born in Australia, with a weight of 5.9 kg.

Despite his considerable size, he was delivered swiftly and without complications. He is the second child for his mother, who had her first child a year ago.

As per the mother, Nina Tassell (38), her son was born so rapidly that they couldn’t make it to the hospital.

While with her husband, Adam, she sensed that the baby was ready to be born. On the way to St John of God Hospital, she felt the baby pushing.

Lucas ended up being born in the car’s front seat.

Her husband, caring but bewildered, had to drive directly to the delivery.

The remarkable aspect of this story is that Nina’s sister, Sonia Anson, had already prepared everything necessary for this special day.

However, when Nina called to inform her that plans had changed, Sonia had to guide her over the phone.

This allowed her to give birth to the baby on the spot before the doctor arrived.

Additionally, when a baby weighs nearly 6 kg, it is considered a serious case, and childbirth becomes risky. Supervision by a doctor is necessary. Fortunately, the baby was born healthy and is doing well.

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