This 9-year-old girl delivered a rendition of the Titanic song that surpassed the original performance!

In 2017, the world witnessed the exceptional talent of Celine Tam, a young prodigy who, at the age of 9, left an indelible mark on audiences with her remarkable singing on the prestigious stage of Got Talent.

Draped in a cascade of gold sequins, her performance earned her commendation from the judges, solidifying her status as a rising star.

Celine’s foray into the realm of music commenced at the tender age of three, and she boldly stepped onto the public stage with her first singing debut at the age of four.

A noteworthy moment in her early career was a duet performance of “Let it Go” from Frozen at the 2014 Shanghai LOVE show, where she shared the stage with pop artist Schila Amzah.

Often dubbed as the “Celine Dion from Hong Kong,” she quickly gained recognition as a young singer who captivated audiences not only at live events but also on various television programs in China.

However, the turning point in Celine’s burgeoning career came when, at the age of five, she participated in the Let’s Sing Kids challenge.

By 2017, her talent had reached new heights, propelling her to the status of a semi-finalist in the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent.

This accomplishment showcased not only her vocal prowess but also her ability to connect with a global audience, marking her as a promising talent in the world of music.

Here is the video:

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