This 8-year-old boy caring for his sick mother has now turned 24 and here is how his life has changed…

Fifteen years ago, the narrative of 8-year-old Vladik from Dobryanka captured headlines across the media landscape.

This ordinary schoolboy was thrust into the role of managing a household and caring for his semi-paralyzed mother. The global audience was both amazed and perplexed, questioning the feasibility of such a remarkable situation.

The family’s saga unfolded against a backdrop of significant hardship. Vladik’s father struggled with alcohol, leading his mother to leave him with their small child in tow.

Finding refuge in a modest village house, the family faced financial difficulties, but somehow managed to sustain themselves. However, when Vladik was just 8 years old, tragedy struck—his mother suffered a stroke, leaving her paralyzed.

Without his father, and facing the prospect of an orphanage, Vladik refused to resign himself to such a fate. Determined to support his mother, he took on the responsibilities of cooking, washing, and cleaning, demonstrating a resilience beyond his years.

Fortune smiled upon Vladik when a neighbor assumed guardianship, resolving social service matters. As news of Vladik’s plight reached the media when he turned 16, an outpouring of support followed. Even officials were moved to assist the young man who had selflessly cared for his ailing mother.

Amidst challenging moments, Vladik persevered. He dedicated evenings to teaching his mother to speak again, displaying unwavering commitment to her recovery.

Despite financial constraints hindering comprehensive treatment, Vladik’s efforts yielded progress—his mother regained her ability to speak, albeit not as fluently as before.

Remarkably, Vladik did not abandon his education. Balancing academic pursuits with sports achievements, he garnered praise from his coach, standing out as the best among his peers.

On a personal level, Vladik found solace in his relationship with Nastya, his high school sweetheart, who joined him in the caregiving duties for his ailing mother.

Now 24, Vladik works as a welder in his hometown, having moved from an old wooden house to an apartment provided by local authorities. The Kudryashov family continues to receive community support.

Vladik remains steadfast in his efforts to secure a bright future for his family. A kind, courageous, and industrious individual, he holds an unwavering belief that everything will be fine for his mother.

His story, both harrowing and inspiring, will forever be etched in the hearts of people.

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