At the age of 78, Michael Douglas has undergone a remarkable transformation… Check out how he looks now…

Michael Douglas, a double Oscar recipient, is easily identified by the vibrant red highlights in his predominantly black hair.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and I overheard him engaged in conversation with another patron at a Parisian café where we were enjoying a late lunch.

Her new hair color is a refreshing change to her meticulously styled shoulder-length locks. Michael dons a white shirt, a gray V-neck sweater, cream trousers, and gray shoes.

As an added bonus, the package included a pair of clear sunglasses.

His wife accessorized with a black leather handbag, square sunglasses, stunning earrings, and a silk scarf adorning her tweed hat.

Michael’s followers have been impressed by his physical transformation, as evidenced by his updated Instagram profile picture showcasing his new look against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

She’s concealing her fiery locks under a hat.

Opinions within the fan base are divided. While some appreciate Michael’s new hairstyle, others believe it adds years to his appearance.

“Gents, sit up straight and fly right,” some of the comments on his hair included, “His hair was unusually healthy for his age, and it was naturally silver; red hair doesn’t make you look younger,” and “Get a grip!”

Gray hair suits you well. I think it’s great, but I prefer your original color more, and no way!

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