This baby girl was born without a nose and here is what she looks like years later…

Tessa Evans, at the age of eight, stands as an extraordinary young girl with a unique condition—she was born without a nose.

Aplasia, the medical term for the absence of a normal organ or body part at birth, perfectly encapsulates this rare phenomenon.

Remarkably, only 47 cases of this anomaly have been reported in the UK, making Tessa’s condition exceptionally uncommon.

Throughout her mother’s pregnancy, the couple was forewarned during ultrasound scans that their child might have a relatively flat face profile.

Despite this, they made a conscious decision to continue the pregnancy, opting against abortion. The gradual acceptance of the reality that their child would be born without a nose marked a significant part of their journey.

While Tessa faces challenges such as the absence of sinuses, she can still experience colds or coughs. However, this is just a small aspect of the array of challenges that the family has navigated together.

At a mere 11 weeks of age, Tessa underwent a botched surgery to remove a cataract, resulting in blindness in one eye. In addition, she received a diagnosis of heart problems, adding to the complexities of her medical journey.

To facilitate breathing while eating, Tessa required a tracheostomy. Looking ahead, the family plans for surgical reshaping of her nose, as the nose of a newborn child is expected to grow at the same rate as the rest of their body.

Despite enduring numerous difficulties, Tessa continues to maintain a cheerful disposition, showcasing resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

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