A 16-year-old contestant on ‘Got Talent’ impresses everyone by singing “Let It Go,” despite Simon Cowell initially doubting her…

When Disney unleashed the film ‘Frozen’ upon the world, it introduced sisters Elsa and Anna, redefining the archetype of Disney princesses.

The film’s impact was further intensified by Elsa’s breakout song, “Let It Go,” performed by Idina Menzel. The song became a cultural phenomenon, inspiring numerous covers and becoming an anthem for those facing challenges.

Even after several years, “Let It Go” continues to be a beloved tune. However, the song’s vocal demands make it a formidable challenge for singers.

Idina Menzel’s rendition showcases her ability to hit notes that pose difficulties even for seasoned vocalists.

On an episode of ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ Simon Cowell had initially given sixteen-year-old singer Jodi Bird an X. Despite Simon’s skepticism, the other judges allowed Jodi to continue her performance, and she advanced to the next round.

For her subsequent performance, Jodi opted to sing the iconic Disney song, a choice that made everyone anxious. Many singers have struggled to do justice to the song’s vocal demands.

However, Jodi delivered an abridged yet powerful version of “Let It Go,” earning her thunderous applause from the audience.

The judges commended her for successfully navigating the challenging notes and congratulated her for advancing in the competition.

Here is the video:

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