What this police officer did for this little girl while he was on duty is priceless…

In an extraordinary tale of compassion and commitment, Lieutenant Brian Zach of the Kingman Police Department in Arizona emerged as more than just a hero – he became a loving father to a little girl named Kaila, whom he comforted during a routine patrol.

The story unfolded in March 2018 when Lieutenant Brian Zach, then a patrol sergeant, received a dispatch to check a residence.

Upon arrival, he encountered 2-year-old Kaila, who had been mistreated by her caretakers.

Despite the brief encounter, Officer Brian, a father of two himself, was deeply moved by Kaila’s plight.

Upon returning home, Brian shared Kaila’s story with his wife, Cierra, and the couple felt a calling to provide a forever home for the little girl. This selfless decision marked the beginning of a beautiful journey for the Zach family.

The formal adoption took place this summer on August 18th at Mohave County Superior Court in Lake Havasu City. Kaila, now a joyful 4-year-old, officially became part of the Zach family.

Officer Brian reflected on the early days of Kaila’s arrival, sharing that she quickly embraced the roles of ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ within their loving household.

“Within the second day, she was calling my wife ‘mom’ or ‘mommy. I was ‘guy’ for a week or two, and then when she started preschool, she learned who dad was.

Our goal was to love and care for this little girl for as long as it happened,” explained Officer Brian.

The remarkable gesture did not go unnoticed by Officer Brian’s colleagues.

Chief Rusty Cooper of the Kingman Police Department expressed his pride in Lieutenant Brian Zach, stating, “Lt. Brian Zach’s commitment to public safety is exemplified in his commitment and love for Kaila.

We are proud of Brian and thankful that he and his family are part of the Kingman Police Department.”

In this heartwarming narrative, Officer Brian Zach not only upholds the principles of public safety but also extends that commitment to creating a loving and nurturing home for a child in need, showcasing the transformative power of compassion within the law enforcement community.

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