This single mom of three baby boys finds $300 and check out what she does then!

A generous act unfolded in North Dakota as a 48-year-old waitress, Grandma Shiela Weisgerber, was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of strangers on April 30.

The couple, patrons at the bar where she worked, left her a $300 tip upon learning that she was expecting triplets.

This unexpected generosity took Grandma Shiela by complete surprise, and she expressed her gratitude for the couple’s kindness.

As a loving grandmother, she had been caring for her daughter’s four children, including triplets Bentley, Dalton, and Ashton.

Her daughter, a single parent in her 30s, was facing challenges after the children’s father tragically lost his life in a car accident months ago.

Grandma Shiela took on the responsibility of raising the triplets, showcasing her commitment and love for her grandchildren.

The journey began in October 2015 when she started sharing stories about her grandchildren with bar customers. The triplets were born on April 30, 2016, a testament to Grandma Shiela’s dedication.

During an appearance on ABC News, she shared her family’s story, and the patrons at the bar responded with incredible kindness.

The couple left a $300 note with a heartwarming message, urging Grandma Shiela to take care of the children. Overwhelmed by their generosity, she broke down in tears in the ladies’ room, expressing her deep appreciation.

The heartwarming story spread on social media, with many praising the patrons for their kindness. Dave Cole Jr., the local bar proprietor, was among those impressed by their generosity, reinstating his trust in the goodness of humanity.

Grandma Shiela’s story serves as a touching reminder of the impact kindness can have on people’s lives.

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