This 13-year-old wows The Voice Kids judges with her tear-inducing performance of “Time To Say Goodbye…”

Solomia Lukyanets, a prodigious teenager, left an indelible mark during her audition on The Voice Kids Germany.

The judges, unaware of her presence on stage, were treated to a remarkable performance when she chose to perform Andrea Bocelli’s renowned song ‘Time To Say Goodbye.’

At just 13 years old, the Ukrainian singer showcased vocal abilities that surpassed her age, delivering a rendition that quickly caught the attention of judges Lena Meyer-Landrut and Johannes Strate.

Impressed by the emotional depth and beauty of Solomia’s singing, both judges pressed their buttons to turn around and witness the source of the captivating voice.

Lena Meyer-Landrut was visibly moved and even brought to tears by Solomia’s emotive performance. Mark Forster, the remaining judge, took a bit longer to turn around but couldn’t resist the allure of Solomia’s operatic voice as she delved into the chorus.

As the performance unfolded, the audience couldn’t contain their admiration, with many rising to their feet and some even moved to tears by the sheer brilliance of Solomia’s rendition.

This exceptional audition marked the beginning of Solomia Lukyanets’ journey on The Voice Kids, establishing her as a young talent with a voice that resonated powerfully and emotionally.

Here is the video:

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