Sally Field is a very famous actress and here is what she looks like today…

Sally Field, a renowned actress known for her roles in “Forrest Gump,” “Brothers and Sisters,” “Lincoln,” and “Steel Magnolias,” has accumulated Academy, Emmy, and Golden Globe nominations throughout her illustrious career.

The lead role in “Gidget” marked the beginning of Field’s career, launching her into a diverse array of TV episodes, films, and Broadway musicals.

Despite her professional success, Field has been candid about personal challenges, discussing her struggles with depression, self-doubt, loneliness, and the sexual abuse she endured from her stepfather in her 2018 book “In Pieces.”

Born on November 6, 1946, in Pasadena, California, to businessman Richard Dryden Field and actress Margaret Field (née Morlan), Field’s personal history includes marriages to Steven Craig in 1968 (resulting in two sons, Peter and Eli) and Alan Greisman in 1984 (resulting in one son, Samuel).

Her memoir delves into her relationship with actor Burt Reynolds, highlighting his overbearing personality and their strained connection.

Field’s account of Reynolds persuading her to skip the Emmys, where she won for “Sybil,” is detailed in her memoir, while Reynolds, in his 2015 book “But Enough About Me,” expressed regret over their failed romance.

Despite their past, Field, before Reynolds’ death, mentioned they hadn’t spoken in thirty years, emphasizing that he was not someone she could be around.

As of today, Sally Field remains active, playing computer games with her grandkids in the room where she keeps her Oscars and Emmys. With upcoming releases in 2023, including “Spoiler Alert” and “80 for Brady” next week, Field shows no signs of retiring soon.

Friend and “Lincoln” cinematographer Steven Spielberg praised her for challenging typecasting in Hollywood and breaking through barriers to forge her unique path. He noted her resilience and consistently good taste, describing her as someone who has survived the ever-changing culture and earned a singular place in history.

Sally Field, who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide over her sixty-year career, finds fulfillment in being a grandmother, embracing the natural beauty of age, and creating a meaningful life for herself and her family. Her journey serves as an inspiration, reminding us all to accept each stage of life with appreciation and grace.

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