A girl, born without hands, amazed everyone with her drawings, displaying incredible willpower…

Christian and Jeremy Green adopted a girl born without arms from China, now residing in the United States.

Upon meeting the two-year-old with pleading, kind eyes, the woman vividly recalls how she felt an immediate connection and decided to welcome her into their family.

Named Sophie, the girl adjusted well to her new home, surrounded by love and care. Adapting to using her legs instead of hands, she faced curiosity from classmates on her first day of school.

Feeling insecure, Sophie confided in her parents, leading them to create a video showcasing her abilities with her feet. The couple assured others that Sophie was just like any other child.

Since then, children treat Sophie kindly and try to support her. Despite struggling with balance, she enjoys dancing to her brother’s piano tunes.

Sophie showcases remarkable abilities, drawing and writing with her feet, radiating a friendly and cheerful demeanor.

The Greens, known for fostering 10 children, seven with disabilities, aim to counter the stigma in China, where many abandoned children are born with disabilities.

They sincerely hope Sophie’s kind and gentle nature will help her overcome life’s challenges.

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