A 10-year-old schoolboy astounds the audience with a rock ‘n’ roll performance that takes everyone by surprise… Watch it here!

Joseph Sheppard didn’t just bring his guitar and a leather jacket to the stage—he brought an infectious dose of rock ‘n’ roll that ignited the audience with excitement!

The first encounter with Joseph revealed a unique approach to managing pre-performance nerves—a spontaneous and lively dance backstage.

While he had initially informed the hosts of his plan to sing, the full extent of his performance was only revealed when he reappeared on stage, donning his iconic leather jacket and armed with his guitar, ready to deliver a spectacular rendition of Chuck Berry’s classic, ‘Johnny B Goode.’

David, one of the judges, was quick to express his admiration for Joseph. Despite his relatively small stature, David recognized the exceptional talent within him.

Singing and playing the guitar simultaneously is a challenging feat, and David predicted a luminous future for Joseph, foreseeing stardom on the horizon.

The combination of Joseph’s stage presence, impressive guitar skills, and powerful vocals truly illuminated the stage, earning him not only applause from the audience but also two likes from the discerning Simon Cowell.

The judges, captivated by Joseph’s unexpected and electrifying performance, showered him with praise. This young man not only showcased a diverse set of skills but also exuded a captivating personality, making Britain’s Got Talent the perfect showcase for him to unveil his talents to the world.

The anticipation is palpable for Joseph’s next performance, with everyone eagerly awaiting the surprises he undoubtedly has in store.

The unanimous approval of all four judges, each casting a resounding “yes” vote, propels Joseph Sheppard to the next round, ensuring that his journey on the show is poised for continued success and captivating performances.

Here is the video:

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