This young lady went through 19 surgeries on her nose and check out what she looks like today…

Five years ago, a popular TV show called “Live” featured Yana Muratova from Stavropol, who had been suffering from a genetic disease called hemangioma on her nose since childhood.

Despite undergoing 16 complex operations, the tumor persisted, and the last two surgeries had adverse effects on her health.

An Israeli clinic offered a potential solution, but the cost of $50,000 was beyond Yana’s family’s means.

The TV program “Live” became her last hope, and after it aired on central television, specialists from a Moscow clinic volunteered to perform several operations for free.

Over the course of five years, Yana traveled from Stavropol to Moscow for various operations and procedures. The efforts paid off, as the tumor significantly decreased, leaving minimal puffiness and scars. Yana’s overall condition improved remarkably.

While the treatment is ongoing, Moscow specialists estimate that Yana needs 3-4 more operations. After the TV show, Yana received an outpouring of supportive messages on social media, with people sharing their experiences and even some offering romantic gestures.

Despite the challenges, Yana remains focused on her treatment, balancing work and frequent trips to Moscow for medical procedures.

Her next operation is scheduled for September or October. Yana has set a goal to complete her treatment and then pursue her career. Looking ahead, she dreams of marriage and having children, hoping for a positive and successful future.

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