The 20th century’s eldest model celebrates her 94th birthday…

This August marks the 94th birthday of an elderly woman whose extensive wardrobe serves as a testament to 20th-century fashion history.

Iris Barrel Apfel, known for her ability to surprise and make a lasting impression with her appearance, doesn’t follow trends; instead, she creates them.

Her eclectic style is a unique blend of high-end, budget, and vintage elements. Iris has gained fame for her distinctive taste, passion for rare collectibles, and appearances in advertising campaigns.

Living life at her own pace, the former interior designer has become, in her own words, a “94-year-old cover girl.”

Interestingly, Apfel’s company was responsible for decorating the White House during the terms of several presidents.

Continuing to travel the world on numerous business trips, Apfel consistently adds the most unusual items to her wardrobe.

Going against the grain, she enjoys combining budget-friendly discoveries with designer pieces. Her style can be summed up in one word: fearless.

Whether invited to a party or hosting one herself, Apfel’s philosophy is clear – dressing for the occasion is key.

She views creating a style and selecting an outfit as a form of creative expression. “I like to improvise, as if I were playing jazz,” Apfel notes.

Her journey to fame began in 2005 when the Metropolitan Museum of Art showcased her extensive wardrobe in an exhibition titled “Rare Bird,” which was broadcast widely. Soon after, Apfel ventured into creating her own clothing designs.

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