Joan Collins has forgotten that she is almost 90 years old… Here is how she looks today!

Joan Collins, the illustrious British actress, remains an emblem of ageless grace, seemingly indifferent to the passing years.

Approaching 90, Joan Collins continues to mesmerize us with her enduring allure and refuses to conform to societal expectations of aging.

Instead, she fearlessly showcases her body in swimsuits, exuding confidence and embracing her unique beauty.

In a recent social media post featuring a stunning poolside photo, the 89-year-old actress left her fans speechless.

With an appearance defying her age, Joan presented herself as if she were in her 50s, radiating a sense of pride that seemed to challenge the conventional norms of aging.

In her accompanying message to fans, Joan shared the joyous moments spent with friends by the pool on a beautiful day, expressing genuine happiness and contentment in her current phase of life.

While a multitude of admirers flooded her comments with admiration and awe, it’s noteworthy that Joan Collins, as an unapologetic icon, is not immune to critics.

Some individuals found fault with her bold appearance, deeming it inappropriate for someone of her age.

Nevertheless, Joan remains undeterred, showcasing resilience and proving that age is merely a number in the vibrant tapestry of her illustrious life.

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