This Chinese boy who was abducted at the age of 3 more than 16 years ago has been reunited with his biological parents…

In a heartwarming turn of events, a Chinese teenager who was kidnapped at the tender age of three has been successfully reunited with his biological parents after a harrowing separation lasting over 16 years.

The abduction took place when three unidentified individuals forcibly took the child from his home, subsequently selling him to a childless couple residing nearly 2,000 kilometers away.

The breakthrough in this poignant story came through the utilization of a nationwide DNA database, a powerful tool that played a pivotal role in locating the young man.

The emotional reunion unfolded in a village situated in the Daguan urban district of Yunnan province, marking a momentous occasion for the long-separated family.

The biological mother, overwhelmed with emotion, shared that the family had never given up hope during the arduous 16-year search for their missing child.

The kidnapped young man had been raised in a foster family in Fujian province, and following the family’s tragic loss of the father in 2016, he was informed about his adoption.

Driven by a deep desire to reconnect with his roots, the young man voluntarily contributed a blood sample to the nationwide DNA database, a decision that ultimately led to the joyous revelation of his biological identity.

A year later, the relatives were notified of the discovery, sparking an emotional reunion that defied the passage of time.

When asked about his future plans, the young man expressed his intention to spend holidays with his biological parents in Yunnan, highlighting the significance of family bonds.

Despite the challenges, the heartening resolution of this case underscores the positive impact of DNA testing in reuniting families and bringing closure to long-standing mysteries.

Similar instances across China since 2015 have demonstrated the instrumental role of DNA tests in locating and reconnecting families separated by abduction.

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