This Mother’s Silent Battle with Her Unique Child Deserves Everyone’s Attention…

Valérie, a 23-year-old woman, experienced an ordinary pregnancy, only realizing during childbirth that something was amiss with her baby, as indicated by the doctors’ reactions.

“After giving birth, I lost consciousness. The doctors were more shocked than me. They said the child had no fingers, so I told my husband about it. Despite this, I did not feel unhappy,” Valérie shared with StarHit.

The newborn was diagnosed with Apert syndrome, a genetic condition affecting skull and hand development. Despite the challenging diagnosis, Valérie and her husband committed to doing everything possible to ensure their child’s survival and treatment.

“Usually, this syndrome can be revealed during pregnancy. But, I know many stories where Apert syndrome was not discovered until birth,” Valérie noted.

Several interventions were performed on the one-year-old baby, including surgeries on the head and left fingers, for which the parents raised funds.

Valérie emphasizes the importance of accepting one’s child as they are and not hiding them from the world, allowing them to adapt to society.

Being a mother to a special baby is challenging, but Valérie remains determined and finds support from her loving husband and close ones.

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