At first, her parents thought it was just a bruise, but the doctors delivered the diagnosis…

“We are all unique and beautiful from the day of our birth. Some children have a more spirited temperament from birth, while others are calmer, but externally, we all differ.

One of the greatest qualities of being human is that we are all built exactly the same and have evolved to a degree nowadays to recognize and celebrate our differences.

Nicole Hall feared that her beloved daughter Winry might face a challenging life due to her unique appearance. She advocates for raising awareness about congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN).

What is congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN)?

Birthmarks that are present from birth or develop within the first months after birth are referred to as congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN).

They are quite common and, in most cases, do not cause health problems.

However, they can pose risks. While most cases of CMN do not require treatment, in some instances, the birthmarks may be removed.

This is usually done to reduce the risk of skin cancer or improve appearance…

As long as we accept the differences between us, the world will be a great place. When we, as a species, split due to our differences, we welcome division in coexistence.

When Winry was born, she was different from other babies. Initially, they thought it was a bruise, but later they received the diagnosis: congenital melanocytic nevi.

“When they handed her to me for the first time, I thought it was a bruise. It quickly became clear, both to my husband and me, that it wasn’t a bruise. And, as the name suggests, I thought it looked very much like a birthmark,” said mother Nicole Hall to Good Morning America.

Drs. Harper Price from Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Dr. Heather Etchevers from Marseille Medical Genetics explained in a report that her condition causes black and brown spots to appear at various locations on her body.

As mentioned earlier, like all birthmarks, especially those of this size on the face, they can pose a risk for the development of melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

The risk is relatively low, but Nicole always ensures to cover her daughter’s head when they are in the sun. She also applies sunscreen to Winry and takes all precautions.

“Her health and happiness are our top priority. We need to monitor her with sunscreen. I’m careful with hats and such. I know that our regular dermatological check-ups will probably be our best friend as she grows up,” says Nicole.

Winry’s parents are aware that there are unfriendly people who will point, stare, and utter unpleasant words at her in school. That’s why they are committed to raising awareness about her condition.

“For many people, this is the first time they’ve seen a birthmark like hers, and that’s why I like to share it,” says Nicole.

“This is a good conversation for parents to have with their children, to see that children have differences, or for parents who have a child who looks like Winry or has any kind of birthmark, to see that their child is represented.”

Winry is a very positive and healthy child, and her parents hope that she accepts her appearance while she’s young to be able to cope with it later in life.

“She just radiates joy. She’s almost always laughing or squealing. She’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen,” the mother shared. “She’s already talking a lot. We haven’t gotten many words out, but she tells you how it is, and she’s already getting a bit sassy, so I think we’ll have our hands full.”

Through social media, especially TikTok, Nicole spreads awareness about her daughter’s condition, and parents with children having CMN are already joining the movement.

They know they are not alone.

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