The firefighter’s and his family’s lives were irrevocably altered by the job call.

Perhaps you’re going about your usual day when something happens to you that will change your life forever. Marc Hadden is an expert on this topic.

Marc Hadden works as a firefighter in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He is married to Beth Hadden and has two sons as well. Although Beth’s prior pregnancies were too risky for her to carry another child biologically, she and Marc still desired to have more than two children.

Marc told Inside Edition, “My wife was basically urged to wrap it up since any additional pregnancies might bring more issues for her and the possible baby.”

Marc and Beth thought about adopting a child, but they quickly realized it would be difficult given their incomes as firefighters and teachers.
Marc and Beth went about their regular lives with their two beautiful boys, trusting God with their future. That is until Marc took a call at his place of employment. Though it would be just another ordinary phone call, it turned out to be the one that would forever alter the course of his and his family’s lives.

Marc responded to a woman’s emergency call about stomach pains.
She was clearly pregnant and in labor when he arrived. Marc delivered the baby on her own for the first time because the mother was not going to make it to the hospital. The infant developed into a sweet little girl.

“I helped Gracie take her first breath and I was in charge of everything Gracie related,” Marc said to CBS News.

The mother and her newborn were hurried to the hospital by Marc and his companion. The mother said that Marc heard a nurse say that the infant should be given away for “urgent adoption.” How did Marc respond to this information?

“Throw my name in the hat if this baby is placed up for adoption,” he quipped.

The nurses suggested that Marc have a serious talk with the mother if he and his wife were sincere about adopting. Marc did the same. Marc told the new mother about his family and their ambition to have more kids but their inability to conceive. After that, he went to the nursery to take pictures of the infant girl.

When Marc sent his wife the pictures, she jokingly said he wanted to keep her. Luckily, it wasn’t a joke for very long.

Marc and Beth would be able to take their newly adopted baby girl home in a matter of days.
Rebecca Grace Hadden is Gracie.

After these hectic few days, it was not surprising that the Hadden family would be completely unprepared for a newborn. That’s when the people in their neighborhood helped them. Colleagues, friends, and family showed up with everything the Haddens would need for a baby plus a little bit more.

Marc joked that there were so many baby products in his town that he couldn’t even fully open his front door!

Gracie was five years old when Marc was interviewed by Inside Edition. What were the plans of Gracie’s hero Papa?

“Gracie’s got me wrapped around her little finger.” Marc said, “There’s no denying that.”

The Haddens’ lives all changed in the most incredible way as a result of that one emergency call.

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