Four young children in suits took the stage to wow the crowd with their polished moves.

Being a parent can be challenging at times. However, every now and then, an opportunity presents itself to you that validates the value of being a parent.

Think about preschool curricula. Preschoolers are the perfect age for lighthearted humor, such as dressing children up in absurd scenarios on the stage.

This video will make you reconsider your low expectations for pre-school performances.

Four adorable little guys put on a serious show. They are all carrying a chair as a prop and are all dressed in suits.

For their age, these children exhibit astonishing levels of rhythm, coordination, and even professionalism.

A happy tune from the piano greets the first preschooler as they come in.

He’s got a chair in one hand and is stepping to the music. Then he claps his hands on his knees while sitting down.

When his classmates, each with a tiny chair, join him on stage, this is performed three more times.

It’s too cute to resist, when you see boys dressed up in suits at such a young age.

The children are dressed completely in white shirts, black slacks, vests, shoes, and bow ties.

They’re even dressed in top hats.
The boys are clearly pleased to be on stage, but they are focused on their routine and have no time to wave to Mom just yet.

The guys begin their routine after they are all situated in a row.
It’s really straightforward, although there is some skill required. The boys slap their knees together, march around the seats, and shift their feet from left to right to the middle.

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