“Mom Faces Backlash After Sharing Her Unique Approach to Parenting: Teaching a 7-Year-Old to Clean and Cook Sparks Controversy”

Every parent raises their children differently, as do the lessons they are taught from a young age.

That is, of course, correct. For example, some parents choose to let their children go through a cycle.

Others take a more rigid approach, instead of attempting and failing so kids can learn right from wrong via their own experiences.

Currently, parents make the majority of decisions on how to raise their children; no one else should have any say in the matter.

However, this does not prevent people from voicing comments and criticisms on the internet once a conversation about a parenting choice begins.

When I was younger, I remember seeing housework as a vital part of daily life. Naturally, I’m referring to my siblings and myself, as well as my mother.

Making beds, cleaning dishes, and helping with meal preparation prior to meals The list goes on and on.

Though I know that times change, I believe it is a fantastic idea to have children assist with home tasks.

chores as long as there is no danger. This will assist them in developing excellent morals and a work ethic that will benefit them in the future.

However, it appears that people’s perspectives differ. A few years ago, a mom posted pictures of her son on the internet and explained how she delegated tasks to him. She seemed to have learned this lesson the hard way.

According to reports, the mother in issue, Nikkole Paulun, 22, recounted how she would willingly delegate home responsibilities like cooking and cleaning to her 7-year-old son Lyle.

We can all agree that it’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it didn’t stop her internet detractors from viciously attacking her and raising concerns about the child’s emotional health.

I teach my son how to cook and do housework. Why is this so? Because household duties are not exclusive to women. Because he might one day…

Nikkole Ledda published this on Thursday, October 6, 2016.

The majority of the criticism focused on the mother’s decision to post her son’s assignments online, which raised worries.

for other parents, as well as the chance that the child does not want his daily activities to be seen by so many strangers on the internet.

A mother even went so far as to suggest in the comments that Nikkole couldn’t just let her child ‘be your slave.’ or accomplish duties that she herself finds disagreeable.

‘I assume it you can accomplish everything you’re teaching your son, or are you just putting pressure on him?’ said another user.

‘Don’t get me wrong,’ remarked another. A small child should not use a stove at such a young age, but they should grasp responsibility.

‘Lazy mothers are sweeping the country,’ said a fourth commenter. Despite the fact that I’ve noticed a lot of single mothers

Even if parents are simply growing their sons to be the men they wish they had always had, it is still advantageous to teach them while they are still young.

Many people expressed their support for Nikkole in the comments section, as her post received over 8,000 comments and 156,000 interactions on Facebook.

She also added that when Ellie was older, she would do the same thing as her older siblings, carrying on the tradition established by her one-year-old.

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