Days after Rosalynn’s passing, a close friend shares the devastating truth about Jimmy Carter.

For more than 70 years, Rosalynn Carter was her husband’s motivator. Regretfully, this amazing woman, who spent a significant portion of her life advocating for mental health issues and supporting people who experienced them, died at the age of 96 after a fight with dementia, according to the Carter Center.

As of their 75th wedding anniversary, Rosalynn and former president Jimmy Carter were the longest-married presidential couple.

On July 7, 1946, the Carters got married in Plains, Georgia, where they commemorated the momentous occasion.

Through good times and bad, they stood by each other’s sides.
“In all that I ever achieved, Roselynn was my equal partner,” stated former president Jimmy Carter in the statement. “When I needed it, she provided me with sage advice and inspiration. Rosalynn’s presence in the world ensured that I always had love and support from someone.

“Rosalynn is my best friend… the perfect extension of me, probably the most influential person in my life,” Jimmy Carter told aides during his 1977–1981 presidency.

In addition to being the First Lady, Roselynn was her husband’s closest confidante, standing by his side and supporting each and every choice he made as the head of state.

The Carters went back to living in their family home in Plains, Georgia, after leaving the White House. Built in 1961 when the Carters required a larger home after welcoming their fourth child, the house is valued at $209,996 according to Zillow. The couple’s lives were always quiet and extremely straightforward.

Jimmy and Rosalynn had health scares during the previous ten years.

Jimmy faced terminal cancer when he turned 90 in 2015, but his wife was there to see him through a remarkable recovery. At ninety years old, Rosalynn had a significant surgery where a portion of her colon was removed. The family was informed that the procedure would be dangerous because of her senior age, but Jimmy stayed with her at the hospital all night and prayed for her.

When Rosalynn got up in the morning, Jimmy called his grandson Jason to tell him the wonderful news.

It was six in the morning. Jason Carter told the Washington Post, “He expressed a desire to return home and spend the remainder of his days with her. At that point, he declared he was officially retired and stopped holding executive meetings at the Carter Center. All he wanted was to be with her.

Jimmy and Rosalynn were dependent on one another and cared for each other when their health deteriorated.

Jimmy used to give her goodies and give her toe rubs after her surgery.

According to Jill Stuckey, a family friend in Plains, “he was actually a very good nurse.”

According to the Washington Post, Jimmy stopped receiving medical care at the hospital when he entered hospice in February 2023 because his wife found it difficult to be apart from him.

The couple watched Law and Order at night and shared blueberries in the morning as their days drew to an end in their living room.

Rosalynn was last seen in public at the yearly Plains Peanut Festival in their hometown, just before Jimmy turned 99 years old. She waved to the crowd from inside the car with her spouse.

The Carter family disclosed Rosalynn’s dementia diagnosis earlier this year. Soon after, she was placed in hospice care, where she passed away surrounded by her devoted spouse and family. Her health was badly degraded, and she was hardly able to move without the use of a walker.

When former Atlanta mayor and US ambassador to the UN Andrew Young paid them a visit at their home earlier this year, he stated, “They were at peace with what was coming.”

According to her niece Kim Fuller, “time just caught up with her.” She told the Washington Post. “She was growing weaker and weaker.”

Despite their weakness and frailty, Rosalynn and Jimmy continued to clasp hands.

After spending numerous days with the two, Stuckey remarked, “It’s hard to imagine one without the other.”

When Young last visited the Carters’ house, he recalled that the three friends had prayed together. He remarked, “They seemed so happy to be with each other,” noting that Jimmy was grinning while Rosalynn was calm.

With his 77-year wife no longer by his side, we can only image how depressed and distraught Jimmy is.

During these difficult times, our prayers and thoughts are with him and his family.

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