Dad overhears his 12-year-old kid berating his diligent mother for not cleaning his laundry.

A parent would stop at nothing to ensure their children’s well-being. It’s a fact that many parents make great sacrifices in order to help their kids grow up to be well-mannered, respectable adults. Sadly, kids don’t always recognize the value of these efforts.

After hearing his son yell at his mother for not doing his laundry, a parent came to Reddit to question other Redditors about if he was being too strict with his son.

Namely, the boy was 12 years old and expected his mom to do the laundry and then iron his clothes. When she didn’t manage to, he got angry and started yelling at her.

The dad explained that both he and his wife do chores around the house while both of them have full-time jobs.

The guy thought that remaining with the boys by himself would be the ideal opportunity to discipline his pre-teen son, especially since his wife and a few of her friends were traveling to Mexico the next weekend.

Specifically, the father taught his son how to do laundry and then told him that he would be doing it on his own while his mother was away. Furthermore, he informed him that he would be taking care of his younger brother, which included preparing meals for him. In addition, the 12-year-old was asked to help out around the house.

After a day, he began to whine and claim that everything was too much for him. That’s when his dad informed him that his mother has a full-time job and does so every day.

However, instead of learning how to appreciate what his mother did, he decided to call his grandma and ask her to take him in for a couple of days because his father was harsh on him and made him do things around the house. The grandma then called the boy’s father and told him that his parenting methods weren’t right and that he shouldn’t have forced the boy to do his own laundry.

The father then reminded his mother, the boy’s grandma, that she used to use even more harsh methods which involved some beating too. It was then that she apologized and promised not to get involved.

So redditors took the father’s side and said he’s methods weren’t harsh at all. Instead, learning how to do his laundry, make his room, and even cook were life lessons that the son needed to learn anyway.

Others, however, said he should have let the boy be a boy and enjoy his days without being burdened with household tasks.

“I believe you and your son need to address a deeper issue that you both have.” Additionally, you should make sure that your younger kid doesn’t pick up on misogynistic attitudes if your elder son has been exposed to them. One person remarked, “They both need to learn that women are partners, not maids, and that they need to pull their weight.”

“I do believe that you ought to think about handling this in a more educational rather than punitive way, and to treat it as a sincere and real learning experience for your son, instead of just a punishment,” another person said.

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