Watch how this 13-year-old dancer completely outperforms the experienced choreographer who danced with her.

Watch as this 13-year-old dancer utterly exceeds the professional choreographer with whom she performed.

Watch this 13-yr-old dancer smoke choreographer Phil Wright - Upworthy

Villegas, 13, danced alongside choreographer Phil Wright at The Dance Awards, and holy moly. She snatched the stage right out from under him.

“I think I got smoked,” he wrote when he shared the video on his Instagram page. “I need to stop dancing with these kids. 😂 They’re low-key superheroes.”

Upworthy shared the video on YouTube as well, and people loved it.

“When you find your passion at a young age, it’s a beautiful thing to see,” wrote one commenter.

Teletubbies - "Best Friends" | Phil Wright Choreography | Tiktok :  @philwright_ - YouTube

“And all with a smile on her face,” wrote another.

“This kid is an absolute star 🙌” shared another, echoing the sentiment of the copious fire emojis in the comments.

Keep on dancing with joy and passion, Mariandrea! We can’t wait to see more from you.

If Villegas is any evidence, he’s right. Watch:

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