This mother is having twins for the sixth time in a row, and this time they are females. How are the babies developing?

Isla, the youngest of Nadine Robertson’s five children, is only four years old. Robertson, 24, is the father of five children under the age of five.

Twins Olivia and Ivy were born on the same day as their older sister in 2018, while Cody and Hazel were born 10 weeks ago. Nadine, who is naturally carrying both sets of twins, admits, “I simply wing it every day.” When I wake up, I pray that the others would be cheerful and eager to help me. I adore it, despite the fact that it is nuts. Because neither Nadine nor her husband Phil are twins, they are unable to explain the circumstance.

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Nadine, a Doncaster resident, reports that anytime she leaves the house, she is stopped on the street. They always make a comment when they realize that I am carrying the other two small children while pushing the pram with two babies. I’m in a few twin parent Facebook groups, so I see a lot of people with two sets of twins, so it doesn’t seem that unusual to me, but I imagine it isn’t for everyone.

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Each set of twins shares a room in the family’s four-bedroom house with Nadine’s brood, while Isla has a room to herself.

The young mother says that strangers often ask her questions about her children’s behavior and whether or not they were born through IVF.

I frequently receive inquiries asking whether I underwent IVF, which I didn’t, mostly from older people, she claims.

“When I had my first set,” I replied, “the first person who questioned me was genuinely taken aback.”

The intimate queries, according to Nadine, seemed “strange” and initially startled her.

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