Tom Hanks stated in an interview that he enjoys unexpectedly attending other people’s weddings: See photographs of the most notable “invasions” below.

In a recent interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Tom Hanks admitted that he enjoys suddenly attending other people’s weddings and snapping photographs with the newlyweds. We noticed! “It’s all my unbridled ego,” claimed the actor. I can’t help but wonder what these couples will remember most about this unforgettable day. Oh, I see — it’s me.”

There are numerous photos on the internet of newlyweds who were pleased by Tom Hanks’ unexpected presence at their wedding. We’ve created a list of the actor’s most well-known wedding interruptions.

In 2008, Tom Hanks walked down the aisle with the bride and her father in Rome.

The couples’ wedding was disrupted by the nearby firing of angels and demons. When Tom Hanks noticed the bride, he paused the filming and personally walked her and her father through the crowd.

Elizabeth and Ryan Murphy’s wedding at New York’s Central Park in 2016.

The Wedding of Dizembra and Tashia Farris, Santa Monica Pier, 2021

Tyson Stahl and Krisna Poznik’s wedding, 2022

The bride requested that Hanks officiate at their wedding ceremony in a letter. And the actor agreed! Tom Hanks has the formal authority to conduct marriages, as shown by a specific certificate he got a few years ago. to officiate at his friends’ weddings, according to the actor.

The Wedding of Luke and Grace Gwaltney in Pittsburgh in 2022

In fact, this is how Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson appeared at their own wedding in 1988.

They will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary in 2022.

By the way, here’s the same June interview in which Hanks discussed his fondness for wedding invasions.

According to the program, all of Hanks’ marriages are still intact. Are you kidding me? Even so, he’s fantastic!

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