This incredible grandfather-granddaughter tap dancing duo will steal your heart.

We’re so delighted a mother chose to release the full-length video after seeing such overwhelming outpouring of pride from everyone who viewed a little fragment of a performance. With only six sessions to study and practice, these duo arrived at the performance ready to go.

I’m sure Maeve, 10, and her 72-year-old grandfather were frightened with a crowd yelling and waiting for you to come out, but we couldn’t tell from their calm and controlled demeanor.

The speaker introduced their identities and explained why we didn’t see fear in their eyes as the audience applauded. Maeve was discovered to be a fifth-generation theatrical performer. Performing is in this incredible family’s blood.

Maeve and her grandfather stepped out hand in hand, smiling broadly, ready to show the public what they were made of. The crowd’s enthusiasm grew as they took their seats and the announcer started the music, and then the bass struck and they were off!

Most of us are familiar with Anna Kendrick’s song “When I’m Gone” from the film Pitch Perfect and several television commercials. These two have taken the rhythm and added something we didn’t realize the song needed: tap! The sound of their tap shoes provided a lovely tone to the tune, and the crowd was blown away.

The couple not only shared sections of the performance, but they also had many solo pieces to demonstrate their tap-dancing abilities. With the whole audience riveted, the couple ended the tapping session with an unexpected boom. As the music progressed, so did the couple, until they surprised everyone in the crowd with a magnificent climax.

Maeve and her grandfather both cartwheeled into a striking pose. Standing back to back as the audience went crazy for the two, you can sense Maeve’s delight that they had captured the audience. The joy he felt from making his granddaughter happy can be seen in his grandfather’s eyes.

Maeve’s mother, who first shared the sample on her personal Instagram, decided she had to publish the full-length video on YouTube after seeing how much everyone enjoyed it, and she had no idea it would reach so many people.

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