When a professional famous pianist suddenly joined this older citizen, he began playing the piano. They astounded everyone around them…

Yamaha and Transport for London partnered on the #Platform88 project. It places pianos around the big metropolis’s subway stations so that commuters can play the piano if they so desire.

Imagine how excited everyone was when professional Brendan Kavanagh and another amazing musician arrived to perform a stunning song mix.

Live music performances that take place in unexpected locations are just fantastic. In a crowded public setting, an impromptu piano performance might generate a large audience of appreciative spectators. The audience in this instance received a better performance than normal.

A senior citizen sits down at a public piano and begins to play some jazz standards. He is obviously enjoying his music, and others are listening as the majority of people hurry by.

A stranger approaches the piano and plays along with it with one hand. The older man continues to sing while turning to face the audience, grinning and speaking briefly. Even though they play together, the men converse a little.

Despite the fact that the two men had never met or performed music together, their song sounds like a well-rehearsed duet. By the time their song came to an end, a few people had taken notice. As delighted spectators cheer, several cellphone cameras capture the magic.

When the older man starts playing some Mozart, the younger man joins in, playing the top piano notes with just one hand once more. The men move fast from song to song before beginning an energetic piece of American jazz.

They appear to have been singing duets for a very long time. The newcomer alternates between playing with one and two hands, merely adding his own minor touches to the music while letting the musician sat in the chair’s melody shine.

At this moment, a throng has formed, and the two musicians begin playing a cheerful tune with an Irish flavor. The musicians switch positions several times while speaking and even performing brief excerpts from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Interestingly, the new performer was really Brendan Kavanagh, a well-known British pianist who goes by the moniker “Dr. K.” As it turns out, much to the pleasure of fans and onlookers, Kavanagh enjoys turning up and joining impromptu pianists.

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