When a mother asks her doctor to pray for her child, she experiences a miracle.

A Cleveland family is thanking God and celebrating the life of their baby boy after he was saved by a rare heart procedure. The mother, Danielle Edmonds, asked her child’s doctor to pray with her for her child, and she then experienced a miracle from God. DJ’s parents feel that he would not have lived without the power of prayer and the amazing healthcare resources in Northeast Ohio.

DJ’s mother, Danielle Edmonds, describes her son as a Godsend and a miraculous baby. “I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to take my baby home.” “From one hospital to another,” explains Edmonds. “It’s been a roller coaster ride from the beginning.” “I knew he was my miracle from the start because he survived,” she said. “The two arteries [of DJ] arose from the same ventricle, rather than each one arising from a different ventricle,” according to Dr. Hani Najm,

The Cleveland Clinic’s Chair of Pediatric and Adult Heart Surgery. As a result, although the left ventricle has no exits, the right ventricle has two.” After learning of her baby’s diagnosis, Edmonds felt that only God could save DJ. She recognized the need to let go of her worries and fears and allow God to manage the difficult circumstances she was in.

“I asked him [Dr. Najm] to pray on his hands before he took my son.” I requested permission to pray on your hands. And he hadn’t given it any thought, nor did he know what his religious convictions were… “All he did was hand me his hands,” remembers Edmonds. DJ was the youngest patient in his age group to have “the ventricular switch,” according to Dr. Najm. DJ is currently in the best form of his life, thanks to the success of the surgery.

“He was blue around his eyes and around his lips. “However, when he returned from open heart surgery, he was pink,” the family says. Little DJ is now doing well and has even learned how to take selfies and is fascinated by technology. He is constantly monitored and will have regular medical checkups over the years. We thank God for little DJ’s miraculous healing and recovery and join the family in celebrating his life. He is a gift, and he has been a blessing in every sense of the word.

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