Jerry Lee Lewis performs ‘Old Rugged Cross’ for the first time in front of a live audience.

Jerry Lee Lewis is a well-known singer and composer who rose to fame in the 1950s. Despite being in his nineties, Jerry remains one of the world’s most well-known rock performers. He is known as The Killer at times. He is known as the “first insane man” in rock & roll history.

Despite several crazy performances and fantastic stage antics since Jerry Lee Lewis will be remembered as a rockabilly and rock & roll pioneer. In 1956, he released his debut album on the famed Sun Records label.

His career has spanned several years, and he has garnered a devoted following of people of all ages. Jerry has a long record of successful songs and rock classics to his credit. He has become a well-known name that will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time.

Jerry, although eighty years old, still emerges in the spotlight on occasion. He appeared as a guest on The Monday Night Concerts broadcast in 1997. The event was presented by Ricky Skaggs, a well-known musician. Ricky learned more about the primary tune he had ever learned on the piano during the conference.

Jerry paused for a few moments to consider the question. From a young age, he exhibited outstanding piano skills. After a few seconds of thought, Jerry realized that the “Old Rugged Cross” was the major piece he had learned on the piano.

As the legendary song was picked, the audience applauded. The song “Old Rugged Cross” was written by preacher George Bennard in 1912. This song inspires many people. Jerry Lee Lewis is certainly one of those who finds extraterrestrial significance in the song.

After hearing the audience clap so enthusiastically, Jerry was determined to sing the song. Skaggs was ecstatic at the spontaneous performance. He provided Jerry with the stage and left the rest to the rock and roll legend.

Without pausing, Jerry delivered a scary rendition of the customary psalm. There was not a dry eye in the studio during the moving performance.

The audience was deafeningly quiet until Jerry concluded the song. Skaggs and the entire audience were taken aback by the spectacular performance. Jerry Lee Lewis was given the opportunity to deliver a memorable speech that is still spoken about today, with no preparation or rehearsal.

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