This video will brighten your day! In a washing basket, two adorable twins discuss socks.

Twins are supposed to speak a different language. Nobody understands this better than a mother of multiples, who watches her children develop together in ways that no other sibling pair can. Lilah and Stella had the cutest interaction, which was captured on video. One of the twins is sitting in a large laundry basket that her mother has most likely just folded!

Her sister arrives and asks for a pair of socks. The two start negotiating, which rapidly turns heated. The second twin reappears in front of the camera, joining her sister in the basket. She, on the other hand, does not arrive empty-handed. She provides extra socks to please her sister. In the plastic bucket, two girls in leopard print onesies sit across from one other.

They were having the most serious-looking footwear debate you’ll ever see between two eighteen-month-old infants. This video is simply too adorable not to watch. The word “socks” may clearly be heard despite the fact that their twin language is only known to the sisters. Their mother must have been overjoyed to have captured this moment on video.

The relationship between these twins is unshakable. They will be able to look back on their childhood and realize how early their relationship started because of their mother’s smart thinking.

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