The Artamkin family had five sisters 13 years ago. They have matured and now appear as they do.

A true miracle occurred at the Artamkins a long time ago. The couple has five kids. There are five lovely ladies.

Varvara calculated that she could have five while still being prepared. The doctors were concerned and urged the couple to get rid of two growing organisms. so that the mother and children are not jeopardized.

However, the Artamkin family is a devotee, and they declined such an offer. We chose, and everything will turn out as God wills.

The Artamkins were obliged to conceive in another country since Russian professionals refused to consider their case. Young females were also born during the 26th and 7th weeks of pregnancy.

They were quickly transferred to a hatchery for prematurely delivered infants. They developed and matured beautifully. They quickly returned to their hometown of Moscow.

The authorities were waiting at the airport for a large family, who gave Varvara and Dmitry a four-room, fully equipped apartment.

The young females are now twelve years old.

They are diametrically opposed. Each has its own distinct personality.

They assist parents in many aspects of their lives. Young females have been attending church since they were children.

We hope that everything goes well for them all.

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