The two-year-old is dancing to Jailhouse Rock and wowing the audience with his moves.

We’ve all seen videos on the internet of wonderful children from all over the world. Are you prepared for another mind-blowing video? Here is one of the most gifted young dancers to emerge from the internet.

At the time of this March 2012 video, William Stokkebroe, from Denmark, was just two years old, yet he was already a global celebrity. His dancing abilities are so outstanding that this video has gone viral.

At a big opening, William was allowed to demonstrate his incredible footwork. You might be surprised by how talented he is for his age. His parents, Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe, taught him to dance. They are also dancers who have been performing for many years at their own studio, Studie43.

In the video, William performs the jive, a challenging dance for someone his age! When William gets down on the floor, however, you’ll notice how expertly he executes the movements. Can you imagine how good he’ll be when he gets older and more practice?

Fortunately, the Studie43 YouTube channel posted another of William’s jive dance performances in 2018, six years after his jive dance went popular.

Not only has William matured, but he also appears to have changed his dancing style. Instead of the jive, which originated in the African American community in the 1930s, the 8-year-old youngster performs a breakdance routine with the Specific Kidz. They make a lot of noise while dancing to “Victory Ron” by DJ Fleg.

The other dancers, all of whom appear to be in high school, tower over William as they begin their performance by running in a circle and hyping up the audience. As the group completes its introduction circle, one of the five dancers leaps into the center and starts showing off his footwork skills, bouncing back and forth to the booming bass. When the first dancer lowers to the ground and begins spinning on his back, the audience, which appears to be made up of other pupils, claps in unison, sometimes cheering. At the end, the first dancer takes a step back and allows one of his group members to perform a solo in front of the audience.

Around halfway through the performance, William is given the opportunity to demonstrate his solo abilities. Just before he takes the stage, we observe one of his dance partners giving him a pep talk. He takes a shot in front of his team, and the audience goes insane. The 8-year-old dancer holds his own among his older colleagues, doing iconic breakdance moves like the worm and demonstrating exceptional synchronization for a child his age.

But Williams’ most memorable moment comes later in the routine. As the ensemble finishes their performance, William leaps to the front for his last solo, and we can see by the applause that his actions are a major success with the audience. After demonstrating his footwork once again, William quickly flips backward, doing a backflip that transitions into a handstand. As if one backflip wasn’t enough, the 8-year-old dancer executes it again, garnering another round of applause from the crowd. Many of the commentators found William’s breakdancing video after seeing his viral jive performance. They were all amazed by the 8-year-old’s new dancing skills. 

What do you think of William’s dance abilities at the age of two? What do you believe he’ll achieve in the next five years? Why not ten? Please share this video with your friends and relatives and make their day!

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