With their “Honky Tonk” dance, the couple won over 34 million hearts.

You know you’re in for a good time when West Coast Swing meets country.

Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle do not disappoint in their dance to Travis Tritt’s “Honky Tonk Women.”

Throughout their whole performance, these two experts know how to shake it on the floor and have the entire crowd on their feet. Have you ever seen a more enthusiastic dancing crowd?

As a child, Jason Colacino began country line dancing, and the dance became entrenched in him.

“He later learned to swing, Argentine Tango, ballet, salsa and ballroom dance.” According to his company’s website, “His success created a large demand for his abilities, allowing him to teach, choreograph, compete, perform, and judge all over the globe.”

Katie Boyle was Jason’s long-time dancing partner. Katie started dancing when she was two years old and hasn’t stopped since. She is also well-known for her abilities in ballroom dance choreography. On the dance floor, Jason and Katie were a match made in heaven.

The video quality indicates that this dance occurred a long time ago, but over eleven million people have viewed it on YouTube.

Jason and Katie’s dance routines are so detailed that it takes multiple viewings just to understand how difficult the dance is. It’s tough to believe their dancing is so sophisticated because they move so easily. In their movements, these two are inseparable.

Katie and Jason have dressed for a swing dance’s honky-tonk segment. They’re both wearing denim on the dance floor, which sets the tone for their country music dance. They also have the biggest grins. These two have worked hard to get ready for this dance and are now ready to party.

Jason and Katie have been partners for a long time, and their trust reflects this.

Throughout the dance, many of Jason and Katie’s maneuvers put Katie in the air or very close to the earth. She must completely trust Jason in order to be capable of such complex behaviors. Fortunately, she did, and we can see the results in their dance.

The majority of the dance is spent with their feet near to or totally entwined. It’s incredible to see these dancers perform this dance with such accuracy while making it appear so effortless. This is not an easy dance to perform!

Jason and Katie’s ability is incredible and a treat to witness.

By the conclusion of the dance, the audience is applauding so loudly that it seems like they are at a sports event where their team has just scored the winning touchdown. However, since their dance is the winning touchdown in their dancing sport, they deserve every yell and ovation. It’s a spectacular dance to see online, and it must have been much more remarkable to witness in person.

Jason Colacino died in 2009, at the age of 31, from pneumonia and heart arrest. According to his obituary,

“His loss will also be felt by his swing and tango dance community family, who believed him to be one of the most talented dancers ever to grace the floor.”

Jason and Katie’s honky-tonk dance may be seen here.

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