Following the death of her father, a soldier steps forward to take a young girl to a daddy-daughter dance.

Daddy-daughter dances are an important aspect of growing up for many girls and women. School dances provide many good memories, and they are an excellent opportunity to bond with your father. But what should a girl do if she doesn’t have a father? A significant number of soldiers and servicemembers volunteered to help make one little girl’s night memorable.

Soldier takes daughter of fallen serviceman to school dance

Cayleigh Hinton was just four years old when her father died in a military training accident. She had no one to accompany her to her school’s impending daddy-daughter dance without her father. This was a memorable occasion for many families, and her mother was unsure what to do.

So she requested that someone from the National Guard take her daughter to the dance. She and her late husband had long discussed this moment, and she was determined to make it happen for her.

When First Sergeant Joseph Bierbrodt saw the request, he felt up to the challenge.
From his point of view, “it had to be done.” He elaborated further to ABC 7 Chicago, saying:

Soldier takes daughter of fallen serviceman to school dance

“It wasn’t even a choice for me.” It is an honor for me to be able to accomplish this for her.”

Sergeant Bierbrodt approved the request and began making plans to make it a memorable night for Cayleigh.

Sergeant Bierbrodt had never met the family. He simply felt it was the proper thing to do, and he wanted to make Cayleigh’s night as spectacular as possible.

As a father, he understood that if the opportunity occurred, he would want someone to do this for his children. According to the Chicago Tribune, he says:

“It is a huge honor for me to be able to do this.” We never forget those who have left, nor do we abandon their families.”

After losing her father, a soldier steps up to take a young girl to a daddy-daughter  dance. - BlogNews

He also brought some fantastic gifts. As any gentleman would, he arrived with a bouquet of flowers. He also gave his date a teddy bear and a pet dog that he had given to his own girls.

Sergeant Bierbrodt was not acting alone. A large number of people worked together.

A huge group of military members came to accompany the couple to the dance, in addition to a limo. The Patriot Guard, police, and firefighters, as well as Sergeant Bierbrodt and Cayleigh, arrived at the Our Lady of Humility School, where the dance was being held.

Cayleigh was treated like royalty that night. She was decked up in sparkly heels, a party dress, and a cloak to match. She even wore a corsage with her gown.

Despite the glitz and bustle, there was still time to honor Cayleigh’s father.

Cayleigh took advantage of her particular day to remember her father. He had planned to take her to a daddy-daughter dance someday, but they never found the time. Cayleigh’s mother, Jillian Hinton, claims her small daughter had him with her in spirit.

Soldier steps up to take little girl to daddy-daughter dance after she  loses father

“He’s certainly present in spirit.” I heard Cayleigh talking to him while she was getting ready, and I have no doubt she has him with her tonight.”

They danced the whole night at the school gymnasium, and Cayleigh and Sergeant Bierbrodt came away with some very special memories. Since some other military members and firefighters also escorted her to the dance, Cayleigh made sure to dance with each and every officer who was with her.

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