VIDEO: You won’t believe it, but this adorable three-year-old sings the National Anthem wonderfully.

Drake Grillo was only three years old when he showed signs of becoming a future Eagle. The baby vocalist sung the National Anthem with passion and devotion, a first in the Carrier Dome’s history. He appears to be courageous and has precisely recalled the song. How nice and exceptional.

When they are young, most children fail to remember even basic and easy words. When I was three years old, I believe I ate dirt. Drake is a remarkable and amazing young man who finds it difficult to sing in front of such a large audience. The brave toddler shows no symptoms of concern, instead embracing every moment of being the center of attention.

This is how you nurture a youngster to achieve many social media achievements. Nothing can unsettle this three-year-old after singing the National Anthem in front of over 6,000 people at Syracuse’s Carrier Dome. Prepare for a cuteness overdose because Drake Grillo knows how to amuse.

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