This video of a cute baby with Down syndrome will brighten your day… Watch it right here!

Few things are as priceless as a baby’s first grin, and this opinion was shared by the mother of a young girl with Down Syndrome whose first smile was captured on camera.

Adopted Baby With Down Syndrome Melts Hearts Everywhere | FaithPot

The infant was 8 months old and enjoying some tummy time on a soft blanket in the company of her adoptive mother. During this beautiful moment, her mother asked her, “How’s your day going?”

In response to this simple query, the child’s face lit up with a big, dazzling grin, instantly endearing her to viewers all around the world. The utter ecstasy on her face drove her mother to burst out laughing, swept up in her daughter’s delight.

The mother’s laughing is genuinely lovely as her daughter surprises her with a sequence of gorgeous grins, nice enough to brighten anyone’s day.

This adorable baby had recently joined the family thanks to the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, and perhaps her increased capacity to communicate joy was a reaction to her mother’s happiness.

Adopted Baby With Down Syndrome Brings New Mom Joy With Big Smile – Madly  Odd!

Although the phase of smiling on command lasted only a few weeks, the mother treasured it and is glad to have captured her child’s first smiles on the video to keep forever.

Sometimes all it takes is a child’s smile to remind us of life’s most wonderful moments. This mother unquestionably holds a lovely gift that she will cherish for the rest of her life.

Watch the video below!

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