Everyone was taken aback by the 4-month-old Australian baby’s long and thick hair! To vsee his images, follow the link.

Boston Simich, a four-month-old baby from Perth, Australia, has already become an Internet sensation. The kid’s attractiveness, according to Bored Panda, arose from his exceptionally thick hair.

People are amazed that such a young infant has such long and thick hair, according to the baby’s mother, Tara Simic.

“Most people are stunned; they can’t believe all that hair belongs to the son,” the boy’s mother explains.”

She soon garnered a large number of followers after posting a picture of her child on Instagram.

Everyone who visits Boston is taken aback. People doubt that it is her hair.

Boston could already boast that he was born with thick hair. According to Mom, the boy’s haircut was given to his father.

Some babies arrive with a thin coating of hair. Lanugo is a kind of fine, silky hair.

During the second trimester, the fetus’ hair follicles create it, which keeps the infant warm in the womb.

Many newborns (about 32–36 weeks) lose lanugo in the womb when it is secreted into the amniotic fluid.

Other newborns, particularly preterm babies, are born with lanugo, which normally sheds after a few weeks and is covered with harder-to-see vellus hairs.

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