What is the first thing that comes to mind? What you choose says a lot about your current situation.

Which of the images above drew your attention first? If you’re a lady who initially notices a man’s face… It could signify that you are looking for a love relationship right now!

If you are already in a relationship, this could mean that you are very attached to that person. They are constantly on your mind, and everything is going swimmingly!

If you’re a man and you noticed the man’s face first… It implies that you are concerned about your interpersonal relationships with other men. Coworkers, gym companions, or close friends could all fall under this category.

You might be overly worried about what they think of you. If you are a woman and saw the woman’s face first… It shows that you are comfortable in your own skin. This self-confidence will serve you well in the future.

If you are a man and saw the woman’s face first… This may indicate that you are looking for a partner to share your life with. Maybe even a little too much. Give yourself time to let things happen naturally. Which images did you choose first? Did any reveal something about yourself you weren’t aware of?

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