Everyone was surprised by the 11-year-old girl’s remarkable abilities.

If you love sport, you will also adore figure skating. Every figure athlete should be mentally as well as physically powerful. And it’s difficult to look away when superb skill is on display on the ice!

One example is Veronika Zhilina, an 11-year-old Russian girl.

When she steps onto the ice, it is clear that she is going to put on a spectacular performance. The allure grows stronger by the second—and then the light goes out, leaving only the gleam of a single spotlight reflected off the ice, trailing the young figure skater in the white gown.

The audience now turns on the spotlights, which glitter like a constellation strewn in the night sky. Everything is set to Alexandra Burke’s version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

Veronica glides over the ice, performing incredible high-speed pirouettes, whirling in a jump, and dazzles the imagination.

It appears like the girl will fall on the ice around – and she will be unable to resist. But no! Veronica keeps her balance in a way that most adults wish they could!

Zhilina, without a doubt, has a promising future in figure skating.

Check it out for yourself:

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