A passenger in the back gets even with a woman who spreads her hair across the back of her seat…

Flights that are delayed or take an extended period of time are typically stressful. Even if you are confined to a chair for the period, you cannot walk or engage in any other activity. The only thing that might possibly make us feel better is a pleasant drive home.

However, not every flight is as pleasurable as we would like. Being on a crowded plane can occasionally cause something to disrupt your fragile sense of peace. Some people are oblivious, disagreeable, or rude.

What would you do if a fellow passenger treated you badly? How would you handle the situation? Julie Christensen, a food blogger, traveler, and social media influencer, encountered that situation and utilized it to teach the rest of the world a lesson.

Julie was aboard an Aegean Airlines flight on September 29. She was fatigued from the lengthy and delayed travel from Athens to Amsterdam. On that flight, she merely wanted to sleep.

But the woman in front of Julie seemed to push to the test what little patience she had left for the day. She was astounded by the woman’s behavior.

Julie’s stowaway tray was covered by the woman’s gorgeous, freshly washed brown hair, which also covered her seat. Worst of all, it was virtually in her coffee.

She recorded the situation, uploaded it to TikTok, and added the caption, “I wish this was planned.” But it wasn’t, sadly. Her supporters were quick to add their opinions.

Some made jokes about the incident; others were horrified by what the woman did and thought it was bad manners on a flight; and a few people suggested what she could have done to the woman in retaliation.

Julie said that she was worn out and had no more energy to face her. She said that since she had more legroom, it didn’t disturb her all that much. Before any of the woman’s hair swam inside the cup, she just took her cup off the tray and held it in her hand to enjoy.

Watch the video here:

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