What is the first thing you notice? Take this quiz to understand more about your personality!

We may all benefit from taking a step back and evaluating ourselves honestly, finding our strengths and places for growth. If self-evaluation proves difficult, psychological tests with appealing visuals come in handy.

Learn how others perceive you!

We regret to notify you that you do not possess only positive characteristics. Perfection eludes us all, and achieving universal approval is a difficult task. Each person has a unique viewpoint on life, the behavior of others, and the planet itself.

As a result, what one person considers an advantage may be perceived as a big liability by another. Both of these points of view are valuable, providing insights into ourselves and assisting us in making meaningful connections with others around us.

Consider the following image:

What drew your attention first?

1. The face
2. The reading person
3. The trees


1. The Face

People may regard you as chatty, unable to keep your thoughts to yourself. You have a strong personality, constantly establishing your point of view and refusing interruption or criticism. You tend to dismiss other people’s viewpoints, insisting on your own as the final truth and expecting others to conform. While you may dislike appearing dependant on the opinions of others, you are truly interested in their points of view.
2. The Reading Person

Others might consider you to be a whimsical dreamer. You are prone to daydreaming and often find refuge in your thoughts, distancing yourself from reality. Consequently, you may appear somewhat detached from the lives of those close to you, focusing predominantly on your own realm of fantasies and illusions.

3. The Trees

It may seem to others that you are indecisive. You may struggle with determining your desires regarding life, relationships, or personal growth. You exhibit difficulty adapting to various situations, and others may perceive you as lacking the ability to make substantial decisions.

Please share in the comments what initially caught your eye in the image, and whether the description from the test aligns with your reality.

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