This mother welcomed her daughter into the world at the age of 60, and look how she looks seven years later…

A news broadcast chronicling Winter’s incredible trek stunned the nation in 2015.

She became a mother for the first time at the age of 60, having had her first meaningful relationship in her youth and then received a son shortly after marriage.

However, the couple’s fortunes quickly altered, resulting in their divorce, leaving Winter to raise their son alone. She met a man eight years her junior when she was 50, and their romantic relationship began.

Winter had reservations about maintaining her newfound bliss. The father, who was passionately attached to his child, quickly proposed to a prospective bride, and they soon married.

Contemplating expanding their family, they faced the future with determination, and fortunately, their daughter was born healthy.

Born on January 16, 2015, the little one garnered attention when Winter’s story circulated in the media, prompting invitations for her and her family to feature on a television program.

Now seven years old, the child possesses a delightful personality, is highly energetic, and currently shows no concern about her parents’ advanced age.

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