A loyal husband of 64 years begs his wife to be his Valentine, stating, “You make my world go round.”

Several cases have shown that magical events aren’t limited to fairy tales. Stewart shared the story of a kind grandfather who shocked his 64-year-old wife by walking into his kitchen. He kept despite spending a lot of time with her. When her grandfather asked whether she would be his Valentine while laying his hands on her back and concealing an envelope, her reaction was spectacular.

What are your thoughts? She enquired, and he joked that she didn’t have a choice. I’ve been your Valentine for 64 years, said the pleased woman, kissing her husband on the cheeks. He gave her the red box he was carrying after shocking him with a kiss. The elderly man wanted to pay one more compliment to his loving wife, so he wooed her with a term that most people assume is only used by youths.

She kissed him once more because she felt the surprise card was wonderful. “Grandma, you’re the best; I can’t get enough of you,” his wife replied after reading the charming card. She informed her husband, with a broken heart, that he was the best Valentine she had ever received. Even after a lifetime together, the husband desired to lavish his future wife with gifts. Despite the fact that his card was basic, the lady appreciated his thoughtfulness.

The elderly gentleman, on the other hand, was not done. He had one more compliment for his loving wife, and he used a phrase that many people connect with youths pursuing her. He said, “You bring joy into my life.” The lovely couple kept their romance going even after they became grandparents, giving many people hope that true love still exists.

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