When her father notices her daughter panicking on stage, he runs to the stage, and this is what follows (Video).

Mark Daniels rescued his child and became a household name as a result of his selfless act. Mark Daniels has quickly come to popularity in the parenting community. His great affection for his daughter touched many others.His daughter appeared a little overwhelmed during the dress rehearsal. Daniels had a problem with his two-year-old kid.

Isabella was feeling unsettled. Isabella sobbed on the floor instead of dancing with her friends. Her father attempted but failed to soothe her offstage. A backstage collision took Daniels, a big Bermuda lawyer, off unaware. He was aware that more action was required.

The father comes to the rescue. He felt he needed to see his young daughter, so he went. Among all these little ballerinas, Daniels located the furious daughter.

Dad started performing dance routines to make his daughter feel more at ease on stage.

View the video here:

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