VIDEO: Have You Seen This Baby Piano Prodigy? He’s the ‘Old Soul’ and the Next Mozart!

A 17-month-old Russian kid has gone viral on social media after videos of him playing the piano went viral. Gavriil Scherbenko’s parents set up an Instagram account to showcase their son’s skills, and the response has been amazing. People from all around the world have left warm and compassionate remarks on his website, and many have referred to him as an “old soul.”

♫ Baby ONE Year and a Half Playing Piano 🎹 #classicalmusic #prodigy #piano  - YouTube

The parents stated that the music that their kid creates is more than simply a source of domestic delight for them, but a gift that they must share with others. They are grateful for the wonderful response and believe that their son’s music has connected them with people from all around the world.

♫ Baby ONE Year and a Half Playing Piano 🎹 #classicalmusic #prodigy #piano  - YouTube

Social media users have been amazed by the baby’s talent and some have called him the “next Mozart”. The videos show Gavriil playing the piano with remarkable ease and skill, considering his age. Many people have commented that he seems to have an innate understanding of music, beyond what one would expect from a child so young. With his incredible talent and the support of his parents, Gavriil Scherbenko has captured the hearts of people all over the world.

Watch the video here:

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