VIDEO: Grandson Pays Heartfelt and Hilarious Tribute to 106-Year-Old Grandma Who Defies Death

Alex Traynor tells about his 106-year-old grandmother, who has defied all chances by surviving multiple close calls with death, in a video that is both funny and touching. Traynor joked that his family has been forecasting her death every year of her existence.

106-year-old grandmother shines in funny video made by her grandson | Boing Boing

Traynor’s grandma, despite her late age, has not always led the healthiest lifestyle. She smoked at least a pack of cigarettes per day and died of a massive heart attack at the age of 48. She has, however, evaded death so many times that her grandson has lost track.

So, what is her longevity secret? It’s shockingly easy: be humble, have a sense of humor, and be nice and helpful to others.

Traynor’s grandma reminds us that inner traits such as humility and kindness may have a huge impact on our welfare in a society where we frequently depend on external elements such as food and exercise to preserve good health. She exemplifies how a happy attitude and kindness to others may lead to a long and fulfilling life.

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