An eight-year-old child decided to care for his ailing mother on his own. He is now 24 years old…How do they live now?

This story became widely known 15 years ago. Vlad, a regular eight-year-old schoolboy, was responsible for the house and his semi-paralyzed mother on his alone.

People from all over the world were following the story with astonishment, adoration, and wonder at the situation’s plausibility.

Life is not easy for this family. The boy’s father was a habitual drinker, and his mother had had enough and abandoned him.

When Vlad was eight years old, his family experienced a major change: his mother suffered a stroke and became paraplegic.

His father was no longer alive at the time. And a very young schoolboy was facing this difficulty on his own.

His colorful future included an orphanage.

But Vlad was not one of those who submit to fate, he did not leave his mom.

Despite his age, he began to do his best to help her to recover.

Vlad was lucky — a neighbor took custody of him, she settled all the issues in social services, but then the boy needed to cope on his own.

When Vlad turned 16, the media started to talk about him and his mother again. This story left almost no one indifferent, even officials undertook to help the boy.

His efforts to recover mom were not in vain — his mom started talking again, yes, not as well as before, but still, it was progressing.

He is now 24 years old, has a job as a welder, and lives in his hometown.

The family relocated from an old wooden house to an apartment provided by the local authorities.

Vlad is still working hard to provide a bright future for his family.

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